Before/After TYPO3 Upgrade Case Study

A long term customer, Cumhuriyet Anaokulu, a German/Turkish preschool in Izmir had been promoting their school using one of our EkspressWeb TYPO3 starter websites. As technology improved and with more people using mobile devices to view websites, they needed an upgraded design to reach these people as well as an upgraded version of the TYPO3 CMS framework.


TYPO3 is continuously developed and while EkspressWeb was built on version 4.5, the current version at the time of the upgrade was 8.7. Work is currently being done on TYPO3 version 10 with an expected LTS release in April 2020. See the TYPO3 roadmap for more information.

As we do with most live websites, we duplicated the original website to a development subdomain and applied the TYPO3 core updates (4.5 to 6.2 to 7.6 to 8.7). In addition to the core updates, many of the extensions were also updated to their latest versions.


TYPO3 is good at separating content from design and so with the exception of some custom content elements for layout, the customer was able to reuse all of their existing content.


The original design templates made navigating and reading the content on mobile devices difficult. Google’s Mobile-Friendly Test tool was helpful in highlighting the major problems with the original design. Most of these were solved with the TYPO3 Bootstrap package extension and customizations of this to maintain the style of the original site with a fresh look.


Original site, based on EkspressWeb starter package

More views of the old website can be found on the Wayback Machine.


Upgraded site with fresh design, based on Bootstrap package
Mobile navigation was almost impossible on the original site. Now there is a dynamic menu with access to all pages.
The site is now easily readable on tablet devices.


The website uses standard TYPO3 extensions for delivering the content and no custom software development was required for this project.


You can view the current Cumhuriyet Anaokulu website at

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Why does a TYPO3 developer use WordPress?

Having developed websites with TYPO3 since 2005, why would I want to use WordPress for blogging?

TYPO3 is an enterprise content management system – it should easily handle something as simple as a blog. TYPO3 can, but when you are busy building websites for others it can be a challenge to find the time and resources to build your own things in any technology.

Here’s some reasons for making this in WordPress:

  1. WordPress is popular and simple to use.
  2. WordPress is fast to get blogging.┬áTYPO3 does not yet have many high quality packages that provide the same “minutes out of the box and you can use it experience”.
  3. Many of our customers want WordPress or are already using it. If we use the same tools we can better support them.
  4. Using different tools can create a cross-pollination of ideas. There are many features of TYPO3 and WordPress that could be improved on by learning from other content management systems.
  5. WordPress like TYPO3 is Open Source so I can have full access to fix any problems in the software myself.