Social Media Manipulation

Destin Sandlin from the Smarter Every Day YouTube channel has a series of videos which discuss the challenging battle Social Media platforms have with dealing with organized manipulation of their communities.

Manipulating the YouTube Algorithm
Twitter Platform Manipulation
People are Manipulating You on Facebook

Goodbye Google+

Online communities come and go.

Recently Google retired Google+, their fourth attempt at social media networking.

Like I’ve posted before, websites still have a place alongside a social media presence.

The best practice is to have a website where (as long as you keep the domain and hosting) you own the location and can direct traffic from your social media presence to your content. While Google does allow you to “Take Out” and download your content and contacts, you now need to find an alternative location for your interaction with that audience.

The users of Google+ have been moving away for a while, where did your Google+ audience move to?