Experiment: Installing a WordPress plugin

WordPress has a community of developers who contribute features and so if you want to add a feature then “There’s a plugin for that”.

Choosing a plugin

Keeping track of the people (and search machines) visiting and viewing your website or blog is helpful. Google Analytics has become almost industry standard for tracking and reporting. Therefore I searched for Google Analytics plugins at in the WordPress Plugin Directory, found one that looked promising and installed the Google Analytics Dashboard for WP plugin.


Although it was stated as only compatible up to version 3.7.1. (We are using WordPress 3.8), two others had tested it with our version and it works.


The documentation (including video) was easy to follow. The plugin installed without a problem and then it was the simple matter of adding this property to our Google Analytics account.

We will report on more success and failures with WordPress plugins as we continue to develop and experiment on this blog.

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