Personal marketing

Recently I read that business interactions are no longer being defined as B2B or B2C. Instead the latest buzzword for business relationships is H2H – Human to Human.

I am surprised at how impersonal many businesses are. Large businesses can get away with being impersonal – it can get creepy when they use personalized information.

Screenshot from 2014-02-05 18:33:41

However, for a service oriented small business, building trust (and consequently sales) is based on knowing who you are dealing with and what their strengths and skills are.

Too many “about us” pages (our own included) consist of <company name> was founded to <unique selling point buzzwords>.  <Corporate jargon> <buzzword> <more corporate jargon>. A lot of words about what they do. Not so much about who they are. We seem to forget the humans in the organization, the personality of the organization.

Are you missing business opportunities because your web presence is too impersonal?

Here are some tips to make your web presence more human friendly:

  • Join social networks and be real on them – don’t just push your own products and services, but genuinely interact with others
  • Use relevant photos and stories about the members of your team
  • Present your products and services with people using them and their genuine reactions to the experience
  • Ask for feedback from people visiting your website and personally respond to it