What does it cost to make a website and get online?

When you view someone’s website or social media content, you don’t see all of the hard work that goes into delivering that to you.

Creating a strong web presence requires multiple disciplines of expertise working on several layers of technology. A typical modern website is the result of many hours of creative thinking, research, planning, content development, graphic and data design, programming, configuration and administration by highly skilled people. They use many different technology platforms to design, develop and serve content for you to interact with in your web browser on your desktop, tablet or phone.

Because a lot of the work is done behind the scenes, many people underestimate the amount of investment they need for establishing their web presence.

We have created this infographic as a guide to web presence investment based on our years of pricing projects for customers.

Web Presence Investment Guide (Animated GIF)
Web Presence Investment Guide (Animated GIF)